EIII project partners

Contractual partners:

  1. Tingtun AS, Norway
    Tingtun logo

    Tingtun is the EIII project co-ordinator. We are an agile consulting and services company providing software tools and advice based on our experience from a range of international projects. We are located in Lillesand on the sunny south coast of Norway and deliver innovative solutions in the areas of accessibility, web search, and eGovernment.

  2. The Accessibility Foundation
    Accessibility Foundation logo

    The Accessibility Foundation is market leader in accessibility in the Netherlands and provides accessibility solutions, training and services throughout the European Union.

    The Accessibility Foundation is a social enterprise that helps organizations combine full participation of people with disabilities with business opportunities. Thanks to our work in W3C, CEN and the EU, we help set standards at an international level. By involving our experts from the start, organizations throughout Europe find low cost and realistic solutions and processes for accessibility of web- and mobile applications and sites.

  3. Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein (FTB), Germany
    Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein (FTB) logo

    The Research Institute for Technology and Disability (FTB) coordinates the research activities of Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein, a rehabilitation centre with over 100 years of experience in services for people with disabilities.

    FTB is involved in many national and European research projects in the field of accessible web and information technology as well as accessible public transport and infrastructure. FTB also offers seminars and guidance for public bodies. For instance in the recently published website BITV-Lotse which provides explanations and instructions how to create accessible web sites that meet the German accessibility regulation.

  4. Cooperatie Kwaliteits Instituut Nederlandse Gemeenten (KING) UA, Netherlands
    KING logo

    The Quality institute of Dutch Municipalities (KING) is a small, agile institute, founded in 2009 by the VNG (The Union of Dutch Municipalities, and the lobby institute). KING encourages municipalities to learn through for instance benchmarking and by bringing municipalities together. How do you achieve efficient and effective service delivery ? - KING advises and encourages municipalities in their organization development and implementation of tasks with instruments, standards and process approaches.

    One of the government standards concerns accessibility based on WCAG 2.0 (W3C). The Dutch government added a fifth Principle that only applies to the Netherlands called Universal. This principle concerns for instance user feedback, usage of standards and sustainability of websites.

  5. DAKA advisory AB, Sweden
    DAKA Advisory AB, Sweden logo

    DAKA advisory AB is a consultancy that provides strategic advisory and research services primarily in the fields of cyber security, e-government, and related areas. Our projects span the globe as we help clients improve their internal effectiveness through strategic reports and also assist them in reaching an international audience via white papers, custom research, speaking engagements, and thought leadership distribution.

  6. Registers Islands (IS SKRA), Iceland
    Thjodskra Islands, Iceland logo

    Registers Iceland holds the population register and the property register, and provides related services such as assessment of properties and the real estate price index. Registers Iceland is an issuer of passports, ID cards and the Icekey.

    Many central eGovernment projects are hosted by Registers Iceland, e.g. the operation and development of the National portal ISLAND.IS.

  7. Ministerie Van Binnenlandse Zaken En Koninkrijksrelaties (MINBZK), Netherlands
    MINBZK Netherlands logo

Associate Partners:

  1. Agency for Digitisation (DIGST), Denmark
    DIGST, Denmark logo
  2. Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi), Norway
    Difi, Norway logo
  3. International Webmasters Association (IWA)
    IWA logo
  4. Looms Consulting (LC), [Denmark]
  5. Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD), Egypt
    MSAD, Egypt logo
  6. Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV), Norway
    NAV, Norway logo
  7. Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP), Norway
    NABP, Norway logo
  8. Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AGID), Italy

  9. Senior-nett Norge (SEN), Norway
    Senior-nett Norge (SEN), Norway logo
  10. Kommit (Norway)
    Kommit (Norway) logo